Meet The Model Group

Steve Smith


Bobby Maly

CEO, Principal

Art Reckman


Donel Autin


Bob Keppler

President of Construction, Principal

Lasserre Bradley

President of Development

David Thompson

President of Affordable Housing

George Keppler

VP of Construction

Meghan Harper

VP of Accounting

Matt Reckman

VP of Property Management, Principal

Jason Chamlee

VP of Mixed Use

Jennifer Walke

VP of Development

David Daugherty

Project Executive

Dan Boerger

Project Executive

Brian Schiffer

Senior Project Manager

Matthew Cowan

Project Manager

Taylor Gruenwald


Katie Rademacher

Senior Project Manager

Andrea Moneypenny

Senior Project Manager

Zach Woolard

Senior Project Manager

Michael Golden

Assistant Project Manager

Maurie Hanauer

Development Administrator

Mark Grayson

Community Manager

Leslie Rasmussen

Community Manager &
Leasing Manager

Teresa O’Farrell

Director Accounting—Development

Victoria Hirschfeld

Senior Asset Management Associate

Karen Malone

Real Estate Accountant

Leslie Schultz

Compliance Manager

Gayle Anderson

Lead Accounts Payable Specialist

Erin Stahl

Construction Accounting Coordinator

Vanessa Irby

Accounting & Reception Coordinator

Renada Shepherd

Administrative Operations Manager

Kelly Clark

Executive Assistant

Joe Norris

Maintenance Supervisor

David Martin


Tyler Hamm

Maintenance Technician