As a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), the Model Group is committed to GREEN BUILDING.

We are sensitive that our operations have an impact on the global environment. We are committed to a constant and daily effort to improve our business practices so that we grow our business in a manner that demonstrates good stewardship of natural resources and ensures the protection of the environments of the communities in which we live, serve, and raise our families. We are vigilant in our daily activities within our office locations, at our construction sites, in our project planning stages, throughout our building design stages, and in our fundamental thought processes.
We know that the leadership we give these efforts today impacts the generations who will come after us.

A Sustainable Business Model


We believe, however, that sustainability means much more than Green. For the Model Group, sustainability is a business ethic that we embrace. Sustainable business practices promote the long-term health of our employees, our partners, and the communities in which we work.
The Model Group’s approach to sustainability is threefold. We are committed to:
  1. Partnership with our clients and communities
  2. Comprehensive development strategies
  3. Green building and operations
We believe this commitment supports the long-term health of communities and the economic viability of our projects – a truly sustainable approach. The Model Group is committed to working with residents, community leaders, and planners to form comprehensive development strategies that put community needs first. This is at the core of our sustainable business model.
Visit our Green Initiatives page to see what steps the Model Group is taking to be environmentally conscious.