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The Model Group strives to continually have meaningful and substantial levels of participation by Section 3 Certified Business (Section 3), Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), and Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) in the services for which it contracts, and in its various contracts for development projects.

The Model Group is committed to helping build and sustain strong Section 3, MBEs, WBEs, and SBEs within the communities of our projects. The Model Group is further committed to empowering entrepreneurs, generating jobs, and providing opportunities in every segment of society. It is the aspiration of the Model Group that a fair share of contracts be awarded to Section 3, minority, women, and small business enterprises. This will be promoted through the provision of educational opportunities, training, and a sincere good faith effort by all involved to support inclusion.

Contracting Process

The Model Group is committed to empowering Section 3, MBEs, WBEs, and SBEs; and to that end will be vigilant in monitoring, encouraging, and facilitating the satisfaction of its inclusion goals in all Model Group-related projects. The goals of the Model Group are as follows:

  • To achieve a total target goal of 12% for Section 3/MBEs/ WBEs/SBEs for:
    • Construction
    • Supplies
    • Services
    • Professional Services
  •  To work with the prime contractors to track and support the sub-contractors they use on the Model Group-related projects.
  • To encourage partnering relationships with Section 3, small, women-owned and minority-owned firms.
  • To require all proposers or bidders to submit an economic inclusion subcontractor utilization plan with their proposals, qualifications, or bids. (See attached Inclusion Plan form).


The Model Group will assist Section 3, MBEs, WBEs, SBEs and prime/subcontractors to take advantage of economic development initiatives that are currently in place, by providing a user-friendly point of contact for information and facilitation of access to relevant agencies. The Model Group will:

  • Reach out to established Section 3, small, minority and women business organizations in the community for assistance in building capacity.
  • Work with other organizations that recruit workers, provide training/ certification or workforce development.
  • Develop relationships with community organizations/associations to ensure effective programs that promote business diversity.

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