What We Do

As a respected contractor with our original roots in the Greater Cincinnati region, Model Construction specializes in construction and general contracting services for the multifamily residential market, both new construction, rehab and historic rehab.
Model Construction consistently drives great value to each project by integrating our talent throughout each step of the planning and construction phases of a project. From the execution of highly complex mid-rise buildings to single story structures located in historic communities, our extensive experience allows for each client’s project to be tailored to their site and their project.


Model Construction team members embody the same entrepreneurial spirit with which the company was founded. Our talented construction teams are routinely recognized for their achievements and contributions to their profession and their communities. Decades of experience have reinforced our belief that there is no ‘typical’ construction project. Every assignment reflects a unique building site and owner goal. We have the talent, experience and historical cost databases to help explore planning options, drive appropriate design decisions, ensure accurate budgeting, and fully execute the objectives of each project. We approach every project with its uniqueness in mind. When managing and leading, we add our vision, passion, and our own expertise.
Quality Standards.  High quality standards assure a secure workplace for our employees and cost savings for our clients.
Economic Inclusion.  Identifying opportunities and managing resources for the inclusion of minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses is an important component to supporting the communities in which we live and work.
Sustainability.  Green building is not simply about constructing better buildings. It is about creating healthier environments for occupants and less expensive operations solutions for owners. Most importantly, sustainable buildings are less demanding on the environment.
Environmental and Safety Programs.  Ensuring the safety of every individual on a job site — from the initial site investigations to final occupancy —  is an absolute must on all Model projects.