Who We Are

The Model Group is an integrated property development, construction, and management company with a passion for revitalizing urban neighborhoods.

We are a recognized leader in historic preservation, mixed-use urban development, senior living communities, and affordable housing that is indistinguishable from market-rate housing.

Our Approach: 

Partnership, Integration & Transformation

We believe the key to our continued success as community builders is forming genuine, lasting relationships in every community in which we work. Throughout our company’s history, we’ve maintained a diverse set of partners that include housing agencies, local and state governments, financial institutions, and countless neighborhood organizations. We are committed to rebuilding communities through partnership.

Our second defining characteristic and one of our greatest assets is our unique organizational structure. The Model Group’s development, construction, and management units are fully integrated to facilitate the free exchange of processes, talent, and ideas among each unit.

The seamless integration of these three units has made us leaders in comprehensive real estate solutions. We’ve helped many non-profit organizations and city governments launch their development and revitalization strategies, driving the process from conception to completion. We’ve also served a key role in several existing community revitalization strategies, working with planning agencies and neighborhood development corporations to bring powerful, transformative developments to communities.

Whether we are the developer, contractor, or managing agent, we look for ways to positively transform the built environment and the community.